Testimonials of Love

There is nothing better than holding your son for the first time!
From the moment I met DeAnna, I knew she was the right photographer for my wife and I. At first, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of birth photography, but once we met her and our two older children fell in love with her, I was convinced. I simply looked at my wife, smiled and nodded yes.
There was something about DeAnna that words almost can’t describe. She has a kind spirit and a calm nature about her. Not only does DeAnna have experience with babies and their births but she also has an understanding of family. Because DeAnna is a mother and grandmother herself, she was able to offer her wisdom and comfort to my wife especially, when we needed it most even though my mother in law was with us, bedside. We invited her into share one of our most intimate moments with absolutely no restrictions because she earned our trust early on through communication, her passion for photography and her professionalism. My wife and I didn’t realize how much her presence helped us before, during and after labor until we saw our beautiful photos for the first time. It was as if she was our labor and delivery coach who just happened to take amazing photos at the same time. We are so grateful we had the opportunity to have our pictures taken through her lens and her perspective. DeAnna, thank you so much for capturing these precious moments. For us, you are not just a photographer but you are a doula, a lifelong friend and a part of our family.
~Keith S. (MCR Medical Center of the Rockies, Loveland CO)
Sweetest big sister ever, holding her new baby sister.
I recommend DeAnna to anyone who is expecting. If you want to capture those precious first moments of your baby’s life, this is your gal!! We couldn’t be happier with the beautiful pictures she took of our family and our daughters meeting for the first time! Her work is amazing. She is kind, professional, and talented at what she does. We will treasure these pictures forever. Highly recommend!
~KS (MCR Medical Center of the Rockies, Loveland CO)
I can not say enough great things about my experience with DeAnna as my birth photographer. She was so kind and thoughtful and captured the birth so beautifully. It was so comfortable to have her in the room, she just fit in like family. The photos are stunning and a treasure to my family. Plus the massage from Heather that is included in the package was so nice after having a baby. Heather was a pro!
Thank you DeAnna!
~Rachel Folger (Good Samaritan, Louisville CO
Mom and Dad take a quiet moment to gaze at their new baby girl in the hospital. Good Samaritan Louisville Colorado
Beautiful Redhead mama with her gorgeous baby girl.
DeAnna is fantastic! She has such a caring, unassuming presence - you’d never know she’s there, but you’ll get the most amazing pictures to cherish. After working with DeAnna, I strongly believe birth photography should no longer be looked at as a “nicety...if we can afford it” type of thing, but a NECESSITY for all birthing mothers! Budget it, put it on a gift registry...whatever you have to do, do it! It’s SO worth it!
~Sabrina Abernathy (Home Birth, Greeley, CO)
It’s hard to find a great photographer who makes you feel comfortable.
Not only do you get the best experience with DeAnna you get her undivided attention. She’s always fully committed to you. She will not share any images until she has your permission.
She always has a smile and becomes your friend right away.
I pray that more people get to experience her photography because it’s the best work I’ve witnessed.
~Brianna Rice (future client)
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